Computer Repair & Support Services

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Is your computer slowing you down? Won’t boot? Getting pop-ups? Become more efficient and productive with a Geek Tweak Super Tuned® computer. At Computer Cures, we strive to be the premier computer support service provider in Northwestern Colorado.

Our services include repairs, upgrades, sales of new and refurbished PC´s, laptops, and parts, system security, new system installations, disaster recovery planning, purchasing help, and the famous Geek Tweak Super Tune®.

We offer solutions to help both home users and businesses. We know that no two businesses or users are alike so we custom service each PC to your specific needs.

Computer Cures and its knowledgeable, friendly staff are sensitive to the fact that computer issues can be intimidating to some people. We strive to answer all of your questions and explain all of the detailed work we do. We can teach you efficient new ways to accomplish your digital goals and have more fun with the technology tools and toys you use.